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The VNXD Community, since its inception in 2019, has thrived by fostering the growth of its vast membership. Our peer-led approach democratises access to boardrooms, empowering members to support and enable each other's success through shared expertise and opportunities in all sectors.

19,000+ Non-Executives and Chairs
35000+ Boardrooms Advised
4000+ Investing Directors

Fostering Connections Between Companies and Non-Executive talent through 50 years of Expertise

Our team, with a legacy of over fifty years, specialises in bridging the gap between companies, funds seeking to hire for their portfolios, and exceptional non-executive and chair professionals. This focused approach is grounded in our deep-seated expertise, reflecting our dedication to strengthening board performance and strategic oversight by introducing leading talent into a range of business from Start-Up to PLCs.

19,000+ Non-executives and Chairs

Driving Growth
with precision hires

Leveraging a proactive 'Discover and Empower' approach, Virtualnonexecs partners with various high value networks to grow an ever-more-connected board community. Our strategy is grounded in identifying top board talent, ensuring that we connect the brightest talent with companies poised for exponential growth.

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