Mistakes to avoid when networking

We all know that networking is essential for most business professionals.  It is also a key skill that many successful entrepreneurs have fine tuned over many years and this has helped them build world class businesses.  In many instances it has also helped raise billions in venture capital and other financing rounds.  Where most people […]

Making long term business relationships

Remember this: quality trumps quantity every time. So how did we get to the point where some CEOs and business leaders believe that networking is about having the most connections, the most views, the most likes, these days? Only by focusing on quality connections, the ones that actually enhance our professional lives will we flourish as people […]

Board.Ai – The difference between contacts and connections

Why do businesses and (some) professional advisors not get it?  Connecting and meeting are two completely separate terms and yet we seem to believe that “having thousands of connections” is akin to being connected.  Well, it is, but not really! It is vitally important that we differentiate between meeting and connecting. Whilst we undoubtedly use […]