If You Don’t Like Where You Are, Move. You Are Not a Tree.

As the founder of Virtualnonexecs and having advised literally thousands of non-executive directors over the past decade, I’ve witnessed a curious phenomenon. Many professionals tell me about their ambition to build a rich portfolio of clients as a NED, yet find themselves rooted in inaction. It reminds me of a simple, yet profound saying, “If […]

From Experience to Innovation: The New Age Dynamics of Boardroom Leadership

In the serene waters of the business world, a new wave is rising – one that is fresher, bolder, and distinctly younger. This is the wave of the modern non-executive, a sprightly breed of board advisors, chairs, and fractional board-level contributors who are surfing their way into the boardrooms with a zest hitherto unseen. Gone […]

More Than Money: Network-Driven Strategies for Savvy Investors

In the highly charged game of venture capital and private equity, the rules of engagement have evolved. Gone are the days when a hefty cheque was enough to win over the most promising entrepreneurs. Today’s savvy business founders seek more than just financial infusion; they look for partners who bring substantial value to the table. […]

Shaping the Future: Non-Executives’ Vital Role in Extending ESG Boundaries

The concept of giving is not just a moral imperative; it is a cornerstone of successful business practice. This notion is particularly salient in today’s corporate world, where the integration of giving into business strategies has become increasingly significant. This is especially true for non-executive directors, whose unique position allows them to contribute significantly to […]

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