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Michael Austin


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Michael Austin


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About Michael

"Michael has been a pioneer and business leader for over 30 years and, in that time has not only crossed the divide of so many business verticals but also challenges and leadership styles.

With a unique skillset for being able to take a blue-sky view of a business, help define its purpose and exit, mapping back to today and crafting an overarching strategy to deliver key stakeholder goals.

Never afraid to ask the questions of a business that garner the answers a board must hear, rather than want to hear, leaves Michael incredibly well placed to enter a turnaround project and exact swift and incredibly profitable change.

A key strategic thinker and incredibly successful entrepreneur, the gravitas of experience Michael brings to a business simply cannot be underestimated. Leveraging an open and straight-talking approach and, a core of experience unrivalled in the modern business world, Michael never shies away from a challenge. The opposite, he thrives on it.

Having now built, sold and turned around a whole raft of businesses around the globe, Michael is now looking to add just a handful of very thoughtfully selected Non-Executive positions to his already impressive portfolio, where a business can truly benefit from him energising a large project, turning around a failing one, or simply leveraging such a clarity of mind in a growing business."

● Capitalism with Heart™
● expert strategy crafted for each scenario
● mold breaker-mold maker
● fractional, nonexecutive director
● trainer of responses to black swan events
● e-sponsorship architect
● serial entrepreneur
● coach in international cultural relationships
● founder
● nonexecutive business success coach
● crowdsourced forecaster
● growth-stage startups
● seed-stage startups
● US political strategies with impact
● turning inspired visions to successful, round-trip moonshots
● long game strategist
● authentic
● straight shooter
● valuing and achieving optimal outcomes

~ Steve Benson, executive recruiter, founder, and international sales director. VP of Sales, Head of Network, VNXD and Board.ai


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