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Joey Xoto


Learn more about Joey Contact Joey

Joey Xoto


Learn more about Joey Contact Joey

About Joey

A strong strategic operator with a proven track record of driving $40m in sales.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when I began creating, marketing & scaling digital information products online. I built a team from scratch and sold over 100,000 licenses of my training products online. Several years later I flipped my training business online and sold the IP.

In 2014, I had an appetite to get into the software market. I had an idea to create an automated video creation application and decided to team up with two other marketers (co-founders) to bootstrap and bring the vision to life. We called it 'Viddyoze'.
We built an MVP in 4 months and went on to sell over $450,000 worth of licenses in the space of just 4 days.
This was the beginning of what eventually turned into a 70+ person team that so far has exceeded $35m in sales. Viddyoze remains, proudly, a bootstrapped business.

My role and responsibilities at Viddyoze:
- CEO & strategic leadership
- Digital marketing focused on media buying & user acquisition
- Business development through affiliate relationships & joint venture partnerships
- Product development & strategy
- Building a thriving culture where our people love what they do!

In 2021, Viddyoze came #16 as one of the fastest growing businesses in the North of England, along with winning the "Young Entrepreneur" Award and a close second for "Most Innovative Product" at the GP Bullhound Northern Technology Awards Show.

I'm looking for opportunities to implement my strategic marketing mindset in an existing business that is looking for hyper-growth through existing or new channels.

Joey's Career History



September 2015 - Ongoing


- Strategic Leadership
- Marketing Strategy
- People & Processes
- Operations


- $35m+ In Sales
- Bootstrapped

Smart Video Persuasion


October 2012 - September 2015


+ Creative Digital Marketing Technology