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Kelvin Chisanga




Business Services, Construction, Creative, Digital, Education

About Kelvin

Over Six (6) years experience in Sales, Marketing, Administrative, Leadership and Management with very strong abilities in areas of strategic planning and organisational development.

Strategy professional with exceptionally strong analytical and quantitative skills. Proven ability to develop, prioritize and implement initiatives that create value.

Experienced in growth and innovation strategy, private equity due diligence, market research and financial modeling.

A team player that works well in entrepreneurial / innovative settings, leveraging industry knowledge within the new media, telecoms, media and entertainment and technology industries.

I have worked for Zambia Daily Mail Limited a government owned daily newspapers publisher, i was involved with Circulation, marketing and advertising duties. I was with Goman Advertising Limited an independent Advertising associate helping in building many brands in the country to specific segmented markets and general sectors. Am therefore exposed to both media and the advertising fraternity.

I have four (4) years working in ICT sector as well taking the leading role of Sales and Account Manager at Genesis Office Systems, Website Project Manager and Sales Consultant.

Currently, am involved into regional responsibilities with ATS Group of Companies an outfit operating in 10 African Nationalities with a aim to develop business solutions to the Mines, oil and gas companies across all African Countries.

I have done Public Relation, Advertising, Marketing, Sales and selling Management under London Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as LCM - London. And am also a holder of a motivational certificate from South Africa.

I have got a very strong passion for business, technology and social networking, having strong interest in business development, strategic planning and product management, am currently trading on the Lusaka stock market.

Kelvin's Career History

January 2018 - Ongoing
I-NetCom Business Solutions Zambia Limited

Executive Director

I-NetCom Business Solutions is offering full outsourced procurement and supply services. As a corporate multidisciplinary outfit, we are providing all our clients and prospects with varieties of solutions strongly built on reliability, flexibility, and expertise within our specialist industries in Education, Health, Printing, Media, and Communication solutions which also includes business supplementary services.