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Matthew Goldsbrough




Digital, Technology

About Matthew

Now building a portfolio career of Non-Executive Director positions.

Vice-president level executive who brings clarity to business strategy, and is well versed in corporate governance. An independent thinker, always learning, adept at constructively challenging ideas and bringing people together to build consensus around strategic vision and tactical plans. Behaves with integrity while driving for the success of any enterprise he is involved in.

Matthew is passionate about enabling organisations to thrive. In his most recent non-executive director role, Matthew was the prime mover behind three successive years of balance sheet growth and sales to major new customers.

Matthew's Career History

September 2013 - July 2016
Britannia Garment Packaging


Mentored CEO, enabling him to take company to 3 successive years of balance sheet growth.

Motivated new approaches to business development, which convinced major retailers to become significant new customers.

Led management team in creation of business plan for expansion of company, gaining consensus with Asian business partners in building a group vision and identity.

Chaired board meetings, ensuring progress made on key issues. Introduced good management practices for financial oversight, risk mitigation, and monitoring of performance indicators.

Steered relationships with new corporate business partners, developing company’s ability to be respected by much larger organisations.

October 2003 - May 2019
Goldsbrough Consulting Limited


Developed business strategy and more effective marketing for a wide variety of companies. Enabled clients to achieve targets for increased profitability, turnover and stability. Three years after working with one manufacturer they had “made more money than in the previous fifteen years”.

Advised founders and boards of directors on future direction, based on audits of performance and analysis of potential for growth. Having convinced one group board of a clear path away from their confusing strategy, a board member commented: “His recommendations to the Board were insightful and extremely relevant.”

Provided guidance on funding and financial management, leading to increased profits and greater stability.

Mentored senior executives to guide them successfully through challenging business transitions. A CEO who massively improved his company’s performance said of Matthew: “A man of integrity who challenged me to think differently and helped me to become a better manager.”

January 2001 - August 2003


Recruited high-calibre marketers across Europe to form cohesive team that generated 150% of required sales opportunities.

Increased positive press coverage and favourable industry analyst reports by more than 100%, by conducting hundreds of briefings and interviews around Europe to introduce new product line.

Left legacy of effective multi-country working practices designed to encourage cooperation and wisely use available budget for maximum impact.

January 1993 - December 2000


Built UK professional services team, where the processes developed became the blueprint for worldwide subsidiaries. Responsible for all UK contractual, legal and financial matters.

Two years in Connecticut HQ driving strategy of core products, resulting in 100s of millions of dollars in sales of a new generation of software products.

Recruited and led pan-European teams for product marketing, competitive analysis and marketing communications. Masterminded all pan-European marketing events and communications, including annual European customer conference. Built customer community long before social media made it easy.

Crafted a positive market presence for the company formed by the merger of Hyperion with a rival. Equipped salespeople with the tools and information they needed to increase sales with a more complex product line.