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Mike Hoff

Ras al Khaimah

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Mike Hoff

Ras al Khaimah

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About Mike

Mike is a Certified Business Growth Specialist and Certified Executive Leadership Coach for both individuals and teams.

He works with the variety of world class tools and methodologies to tailor to the needs of you and your company.

Consulting/Advisory/ Mentoring Hybrid

Our system is NOT traditional business coaching.

In the traditional business coaching model, the coach asks the client what he/she thinks they should do and then prods them to do it.

In our system, we use our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software™ so you KNOW:
• Exactly WHAT to do,
• Exactly WHEN to do it,
• The impact you should expect,
• The exact steps to take,
• EVERY financial breakthrough available in your business.

You'll gain access to our body of knowledge and expertise honed over decades of working with thousands of businesses around the world.

We'll bring you an outside, objective perspective on your current problems along with easy-to-implement solutions.


Rohit Nanda


I have worked with Mike for over two years now on a range of different projects. He is highly skilled, strategic in nature and also confident and comfortable taking action. If you are looking for someone who has a vast range of experience in leadership roles, is empathetic and knows how to get the job down, I have no hesitation in recommending Mike.

Mark Graham



+ Digital Financial Services FMCG / Retail Hospitality / Events Management Consulting Marketing Oil & Gas Pharmaceutical Technology