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Oliver Codrington


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Oliver Codrington


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About Oliver

Oliver is a legally qualified, financially literate and commercially driven entrepreneur and business owner. He has operated in the legal, financial and regulated professional services industries for almost 20 years, whilst having set up, grown and exited a series of business interests (with some notable and educational failures along the way).

With a key ability to steer critical thinking, solving strategic and operational problems, delivering a route to market vision and consultative approach to all aspects of a business, all with a calm head, Oliver has been able to advise a suite of SME businesses.

Wrapped around a gravitas that normally only comes from someone much more senior in years, means any business engaging with Oliver gains the benefit of youth, energy and enthusiasm to stay the course all grounded in a wealth of knowledge that is unrivalled in his chosen fields.

Oliver is available for a Non-Exec position offering a salaried provision in exchange for a top class board advisor and visionary.


Ed Farrell


I’ve had to pleasure of working with Ollie a few times now. He has a very sharp business brain and can get to grips with almost any situation extremely quickly. His ideas and business acumen really are second to none.

Henry Blanchard


Stephen Sacks


Ran Carman



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