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Sean Rogers




Business Services, Digital, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Marketing, Not for Profit / Charity, Other, Professional Services

About Sean

Award winning graduate before qualifying as a solicitor.

In 2011 became a Director in a solicitors firm facing an uncertain future. Due to damaging government reforms the business needed a complete makeover. By 2018 the business was profitable, with multiple revenue streams with a strong digital marketing presence.

Cofounder of the ME Group - a LegalTech provider of litigation funding, insurance and legal representation for consumers facing complex legal problems.

I have helped run events, present at events and delivered training to teams.

I am the Founder of My Legal Club and J & J Consulting.

I have contacts at Board level with leading equity investors, working capital lenders, IT, web developers, digital marketers to name but a few.

I have been directly involved in new start-ups, business turnarounds, management buy outs, raising multi-million-pound credit lines and compliance.

Sean's Career History

January 2017 - February 2018


ME Group Holdings

The ME Group is a LegalTech provider of litigation funding, insurance and legal representation for consumers facing complex legal problems.

March 2014 - September 2019


My Legal Club Limited

My Legal Club is an online legal services support tool for individuals and businesses to access a range of unique benefits.

We offer free trials of our individual and company membership packages.

Our company membership provides:

• Unlimited access to interactive legal libraries for HR, commercial and debt enforcement
• Discounts & access to specialist business solicitors
• Legal advice and support from our highly recommended business law solicitors
• Exclusive savings via highly recommended commercial partners, not limited to but, including:
• In house training, Accountants, Management consultancy, Business refinancing/funding, Commercial insurance policies.

The company membership also helps employees with a range of great benefits:

• Free online will
• Free dash-cam & accident detection app
• Free online lasting power of attorney for health & welfare
• Up to 25% discounts from our specialist solicitors in all areas of law (save for any legal queries relating to the business)

We are regulated by the FCA .

November 2011 - September 2019


J & J Consulting / J & J Legal (trading styles of S.R. Legal & Financial Consultancy Limited)

Unique industry expertise to support, improve and review every area of your business.
Our aim is to provide you and your business with all the benefits of adding confidential, industry leading expertise to your executive and non-executive board without the expense and reduction in control encountered in doing so.

Rather than consulting in respect of a particular project or specific area we want to a be a key partner in your journey.

July 2011 - September 2018


High Street Solicitors

In my role at High Street Solicitors I developed links/partnerships with Funders, Insurers, FNOL providers, Panel Marketing Services, CMC's and other Law Firms.

I have assisted in redeveloping our CMS which is bespoke.

As part of my role I was responsible for
• Assisting with the expansion in to new areas of claim;
• Training the staff in the Regulatory Department;
• Handling Judicial Reviews;
• Managing our commercial relationships and partners;
• Brand development, developing work types and sources of work;
• Advising on new areas of claim and researching the law, including business plan & strategy development;
• My role as COLP


George Cunningham

Sean is one of the most thoughtful and insightful Directors I have worked with. From his drive and enthusiasm to his ability to find innovative solutions to obstacles, his presence and ideas will be a great asset to any business.