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Srinivas Ram


West Yorkshire


Banking, Business Services, Construction, Creative, Digital, Education, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, FMCG / Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality / Events, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Property, Technology
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About Srinivas

Qualified ACCA & MBA, with more than 20 years experience in an Accountancy Practice environment & in Industry advising SME businesses, with Turnvover up to £5m, in Finance/Tax/Business Consultancy/Compliance.

Good listener and communicator with the ability to gather information to get a wider picture and suggest solutions. Ability to explain complex matters in simple language. Good Mentor & Coach.

• Benefits of Good Corporate Governance to improve transparency & accountability.
• Analysing business risk and offer solutions.
• Set up Accounting systems for Management information (KPI) for broader view.
• SWOT analysis for business change - for business breakeven, growth & profitability.
• Cashflow improvement using tax opportunities like R & D Tax credits, AIA, Employment allowance, Option to Tax, Entrepreneur’s relief, Pensions, ISA etc.
• Business Change and managing the process to achieve it.
• Utilising financial information to device strategies on capital investment, working capital and to spearhead HR and Marketing strategies.
• Advising on utilising Free Marketing channels using social media.
• Asking the right questions to arrive at solutions.

Srinivas's Career History

March 2018 - Ongoing
Chartered Accountancy Firm


• Improved efficiency in Payroll / auto enrolment service delivery, resulting in £4k pa recurring savings.
• Suggest timing of profit extraction and consequences.
• Out of the box analysis for owners to decide on business improvement areas.
• Assisted Travel business from near Insolvency, due to Thomas Cook liquidation, by streamlining cash flow to avoid triggering of PG & protect Goodwill.
• Set up cloud accounting systems for enhanced business decision making for owners.
• Provided timely inputs for an IFA to be compliant with Financial Conduct Authority.
• Ability to draft Balance Sheet with right disclosures to reflect the true state of a business for strategic decision making.
• Provide solution to staff in areas of Accounting, Tax, VAT, Payroll, MTD etc.
• Assist Partners with clients’ business transactions, DLA, business continuity, acquisitions.

November 2007 - Ongoing
Excel Accountants & Business Advisers

Excel Accountants & Business Advisers

Direct experience with Food manufacturing, Grocers, IT consultants, Pharmacists, Care Homes, Restaurants, Wholesalers, Car showroom, Property business, Meat produce, Day Nurseries, Electronic components, Vending, Importers, Recruitment consultancy etc.

• Implemented Profit Extraction Strategy for directors to create property wealth.
• Saved £60k on VAT for a client buying an existing business.
• Very Good Listener & Communicator, can explain complex Accountancy, Tax matters in a simple language.
• Improved Cash flow by £45k by utilising R & D tax credits for a manufacturing firm.
• Advised in acquiring balance 50% of the business from partner without bank loan.
• Changed business structure from Partnership to Ltd co: Tax saving of £20k pa.
• Implemented proper financial systems in payroll, VAT, bookkeeping for an Electronic manufacturing firm to obtain monthly management information for business growth.
• Advise on Corporate Governance to improve transparency & accountability for business growth.
• Advise on tax opportunities like R & D tax credits, Employment allowance, AIA, Option to tax, Entrepreneur’s relief, Dividends, Pensions, ISA, Lifetime ISA.

November 2000 - Ongoing
Various other projects.


* Provided Maternity cover for a £6 million wholesaler business in managing the finance function.

* Provided assistance for a growing start up Butcher in supporting on the finance side in Sales ledger, VAT, Payroll etc - Turnover £600k.

* Assisted an electronic manufacturer as a Financial Controller in advising on day to day cash flow requirements, VAT, Payroll, Accounts, bookkeeping in SAGE & offer key data for financial decision making in foreign currency exposure etc . Turnover £4 million.

* Set up new finance system using Quick Books and solved the monthly billing issues for customers in a Children's Day Nursery and improved efficiency, reduced stress for directors and maintained easy communication between customer and finance department for resolving queries - Turnover £800k.

* Instrumental in liaising with brokers, bank in care home acquisitions, worth £2.5 million and put in place HR policies in liaising with HR consultants, dealing with staff issues, sales ledger etc.

* Provided assistance through Business Link for a care business and an inventor to commercialise his inventions.

* Responsible for advising a business which eventually appeared in Dragon's Den TV Program.