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Stuart Jones




Business Services

About Stuart

A strategic thinker with over 20 years exposure to the Boardroom in a number of large organisations, and at specialist boards in the UK and globally. As an risk and operations specialist, I am able listen, evaluate and analyse to search out the issues to be addressed and the opportunities perhaps not previously considered. Collaborative in approach and considered with advice and opinion, I am able to bring an eye of experience and independence to the table with unaligned good humour.

I am immediately available for NED, Board Advisory or Consulting task.

Shortly to conclude a post as an SVP in an airport service provider and logistics company operating worldwide.; board member on a number of trade associations and SME consultation groups, Chair of Risk Board and Safety and Compliance Boards. Chair of amateur sports club.

An experienced Senior Manager with wide aviation experience in the UK and Worldwide, driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with internal stakeholders, customers, service providers and Government Agencies worldwide.

Able to build trust and mutual respect with industry regulators and officials while appreciating cultural difference and ways of working, supported by a broad knowledge of regulatory requirement balanced by a strong commercial acumen and operational experience

Significant success in large change programs to deliver integrated Management Systems, with Safety, Security, Quality and Compliance systems being established to offer company oversight. Management of Change, associated with M&A activity or significant strategic change are a speciality. Committed to cost-effective management of change, resources and quality of performance under a risk-based approach.

Ground Operations post holder with UK Airlines, budget and operational responsibility for airport services providers and airport operational delivery. Service level monitoring and ensuring the highest standards of customer service and safety of operations are maintained through a structured approach with clearly articulated objectives. Driving for efficiency through collaboration, and measured innovation.

Stuart's Career History

March 2018 - November 2019
John Menzies Plc

John Menzies Plc

Building a central team to manage operational risk, technical services and compliance for the Plc. Building framework management systems for risk, environment, quality, and management of change. Building analytical power to give greater visibility and consistency in assessment of risk exposure and opportunity.

Advising Plc board on all aspects of operational and enterprise risk.

Member of the Steering Board for M&A activity, DD and change management leader.

Chair several Risk, Safety and Compliance Boards both centrally, and by business region.

October 2017 - March 2018

Consultant - New Start-up (airline)

Advising and supporting new start up airline based out of Dublin. Numerous aspects of journey from drawing board to receiving certification for operations start.

June 2015 - October 2017
Monarch Airlines

Head of Safety and Security

Lead on all aspects of operational safety, security and quality/compliance. Instigated management of change programmes, and took a strategic lead on a number of projects to ensure robust management of change.