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Wilf Marshall




Business Services, Construction, Education, Engineering, Management Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Technology

About Wilf

Wilf Marshall is a strategic organizational development specialist who has worked locally throughout the UK and internationally in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and AsiaPacific with start-ups, national, international, and global organizations in a wide variety of markets. Primarily based in the UK (sharing his time between Oxford and Snowdonia), Wilf has worked extended periods in other countries including a three-year b-2-b sales development project in Scandinavia and a five-year residence in Silicon Valley, California.

Wilf’s primary focus in his work is on developing organizational and individual effectiveness which is wholly compatible with Board aspirations, corporate and individual values, and social responsibility. Wilf developed a three-stage framework for his activities with:
Stage One – Defining the Future – a scenario-based strategic planning process
Stage Two - Building the Capability – developing the organization’s structures, processes, and people
Stage Three - Ensuring the Delivery – embedding individual, collective, and corporate performance

These three stages are delivered separately or as a whole, according to each client’s needs. They can also be fully integrated with other technological, operational, or cultural change initiatives to secure complementary and synergistic returns, or used as the launch base for these.

From a background as an electronic engineer training others for mission-critical operations and support, Wilf has acquired extensive expertise and experience in understanding and influencing organizational behaviour and individual leadership/management performance. Over the past thirty years, Wilf has developed a particular expertise in working with leading edge companies in hi-tech, pharmaceuticals, engineering, financial services, L & D, and media production, advising on their strategic development from the initial start-up uncertainties through to financial sustainability for the long term. Wilf makes extensive use of scenario planning, dialogic organizational development, and adaptive leadership. From this work, he developed a diagnostic and developmental model of organizational styles associated with successful, sustainable growth.

He has worked in crisis/turn-around situations e.g. at Board level to create stability, operational level to launch make/break products, and with front-line sales to develop revenue/cash-flow.