The Name Game: Avoiding Silly Personal Branding as a Non-Executive Director

Setting sail on a non-executive director portfolio career is like venturing into uncharted waters. As you navigate this exciting journey, one crucial aspect that could either make or break your success is your personal branding. While it may be tempting to go for something quirky or funny, choosing a silly name for your website or […]

The Exalted ‘Chief’ of Titles: The Hilarious Minefield of Senior Executive Recruitment

Title: “The Exalted ‘Chief’ of Titles: The Hilarious Minefield of Senior Executive Recruitment” Every year in the UK, we bear witness to the mystifying migration of the ‘chief’, ‘director’, or ‘VP’. They soar from LinkedIn profile to LinkedIn profile, apparently changing hosts faster than a flitting sparrow. Today, I want to address this peculiar phenomenon: […]

Unveiling the Power of Non-Executives: Easing Burdens and Charting Trajectories

In the vast and often unpredictable business ocean, finding the right path to success can be a daunting task. While no single person can eliminate all challenges, the presence of a non-executive can prove to be a valuable compass and map. These seasoned professionals, with their wealth of experience and extensive network of contacts, possess […]

The Crash and Burn Phenomenon: Founders, Non-Executives, and the Art of Startups

The Rise and Demise of the Fearless Founders No one will ever dispute the genius of a founder. They are the visionaries, the trailblazers, the veritable champions of innovation who turn an abstract idea into a tangible, revenue-generating entity. These are the people who fill our business lore, from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk. They […]

Should Generative AI be on the board agenda?

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, emergent technologies such as Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Learning Models (LLMs), notably ChatGPT, have not yet fully penetrated boardroom agendas, a situation that necessitates immediate attention. Mark Freebairn, our Head of CFO and Board Practice, provides a comprehensive assessment of the potential risks and implications associated […]

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