The sort of climate change we enjoy….

Virtualnonexecs eco-system

In a recent survey of what makes us typically British, the number one feature was talking about the weather. We all do it.

“Mornin’. Bit nippy today, eh?”

“Let’s hope this sun’s here to stay!”

“Aye, but you should’ve seen the snow when I were a lad!”

Non-executives are no different – only when they meet [if they ever do] they might talk about a different type of climate:

“Don’t talk to me about interviews…”

“Not much on this week…”

“I’m snowed under. I’ve had to turn roles away.”

The point is, we all operate in a sort of eco-system [one definition being the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships in a particular unit of space.]

The physical environment as far as non-executive directors are concerned, is the world of business and mentorship. The particular unit of space is the boardroom you’re in or the advisory role you’re about to take on. But here’s the most important aspect of all: the interrelationships, the way you work with others for your mutual benefit.

The Virtualnonexecs community is the ideal way of creating the best possible eco-system for your advisory work. You download the app or log in to the website,  gaining access to a range of possible opportunities and sector focused rooms where you may network and promote your expertise to others.

Once you’ve built your profile and connected with likely introducers of non-executive positions, you might find you need some help from another, different type of professional, so you post the requirement on the app and Bob’s your uncle and Brenda’s your aunt! You see how it works?  Give to get!

This fertile climate of mutual support will help your businesses to grow: the more contacts you make, the greater your rewards as opportunities continue to present themselves. It’s the You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours principle. Not I’m all right, Jack but We’re all right, Jack – and Jill!

But here’s the clincher. The climate generated by the Virtualnonexecs App is much more than mutual support between business contacts. The app also gives access to:

  • Accountancy services
  • Insurance
  • Helping your consultancy expand and take on larger projects.

The Virtualnonexecs community helps your business grow, creating the best possible climate. In a way, it’s like the sun, an essential source of energy for eco-systems. Itprovides that stimulus, those perfect conditions for growth.

Let’s face it – if you’ve been finding it hard to generate projects, either long or short-term, the Virtualnonexecs eco-system can bring about a real and permanent change to your prospects.

With, that’s the sort of climate change we enjoy!


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