Three is the Magic Number: Orchestrating Success for Aspiring NEDs and Chairs

3 is the magic number

In the grand composition of a professional journey, particularly for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Chairs, there lies a harmonious triad – skillfully promoting your profile, meticulously crafting your CV, and the influential power of peer-to-peer networking. Each element, akin to a note in a symphony, plays a vital role in the masterpiece of your career.

1. Promoting Your Profile – The Leading Melody of Visibility

In the orchestra of career progression, promoting your profile is akin to the leading melody that captures the audience’s attention. It’s about broadcasting your presence and showcasing your skills to a wider audience.

– Leverage platforms such as LinkedIn to highlight your expertise, contribute insights, and partake in relevant discussions.

– Seize speaking opportunities at industry events or author articles for professional journals.

– Participate actively in relevant forums and groups, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field.

This visibility is like a captivating melody, drawing the right opportunities and connections towards you.

2. The Importance of Your CV – The Harmonising Chords

Your CV for a non-executive role is not just a record of your executive achievements; it’s a strategic document that needs to harmonise with your career objectives. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with your aspirations as a NED or Chair.

– Tailor your CV to highlight skills and experiences pertinent to non-executive roles, such as governance, strategic oversight, and risk management.

– Emphasise achievements that demonstrate your ability to contribute at a board level.

– Ensure clarity, conciseness, and relevance, making your CV a harmonious accompaniment to your professional melody.

3. The Power of Peer-to-Peer Networking – The Rhythmic Foundation

Peer-to-peer networking among NEDs and Chairs is the rhythmic foundation that underpins your career progression. It’s about building relationships that provide support, insights, and opportunities.

– Engage with fellow professionals through networking events, online forums, and industry associations.

– Share experiences and learn from the journeys of others, fostering a collaborative environment.

– Cultivate a network that not only supports your current aspirations but also anticipates future opportunities.

These three elements – promoting your profile, refining your CV, and engaging in peer-to-peer networking – work in concert to create a symphony of success for aspiring NEDs and Chairs. Together, they form a resonant chord that can elevate your career to new heights, just as the perfect harmony in music captivates and inspires.


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