Peter Thiel’s top tips include “Do one thing uniquely well”.

There are not many people on the planet as successful as Peter Thiel. He’s made £billions from various tech companies and follow on investments. When it comes to business, he’s no mug. Here is his Top Ten tips on being successful. Our thoughts follow the vieo below: Do one thing uniquely well. Without any doubt, […]

Retired. Now what? How about a non-executive director career?

You’ve spent 30 or 40 years working in your full time, executive or senior management role and all of a sudden, you’re “retired”. Great.  If you can handle retirement and were counting down the days til you could pack the golf clubs in to the back of the car and saunter on down to the […]

SHOW ME THE MONEY! How much do non-executives get paid?

Ironically, it’s the sixty four million dollar question; “How much do non-executive directors get paid?” Let’s explore! Hopefully you saw the irony in the image because if you’re in it for the money, you should probably find a new direction.  If you want to really get into the bones of a company and work with […]

Diversity in Boardrooms

By Bram Vis – Guest Contributor Businesses succeed or fail for all sorts of reasons – not in the scope of this of this presentation – but we all are very familiar with the usual suspects –  The right product The right price for the product The right skillset of the company going forward The […]