How to deal with a difficult board member

It can be challenging to work with a board member who is causing difficulties. From time to time this will fetaire as a part of any non-executive or Chair’s role.Luckily for the non-executive, it will fall to the Chairperson but if you are reading tjis as a non-executive director, here are a few strategies you […]

The importance of your peer network when raising investment

Networking can be an important aspect of fundraising for a company. Building relationships with potential investors and industry professionals can provide valuable insights and connections that can help you in your fundraising efforts. Networking can also help you identify potential investors who may be interested in your company, and it can help you build credibility […]

Raising investment for a pre-revenue start-up

First of all, “Congratulations” on reaching the MVP (minimum viable product) stage with your startup! This is an exciting time as you are likely on the verge of launching your product or service to the market and beginning to generate revenue. There are a few key things to consider as you move forward with your […]

Scaling your business using a non-executive with platform business experience

There are many platform businesses that have achieved significant size and success around the world. By plugging into ex-executives or senior leaders within these businesses, it is possible that other, less tech-focused companies can do the same! Here are a few examples of some of the biggest platform businesses: Amazon – Amazon is a leading […]

Top tips on networking for non-executive directors

Non-executives can network in much the same way as other professionals. Some effective strategies for networking as a non-executive include attending industry events, joining professional organisations, reaching out to potential connections via networks like, email or LinkedIn, offering value to others, and following up regularly to maintain relationships. Another effective way for non-executives to […]

Can a non-executive help me sell my SaaS business?

So many entrepreneurs feel trapped in SaaS businesses, especially with the pressure of SaaS companies that are yet to achieve profitability. But there are optins available and selling a SaaS company is not only about current profit (or even revenue). So determining the value of your SaaS business is a complex process that involves considering […]

The non-executive CV and ATS

Before applying for any non-executive director job, you need to understand the rise of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Application tracking systems (ATS) are software programs that are used by employers to manage and evaluate job applications. These systems are designed to help employers automate and streamline the process of reviewing and evaluating job applications, […]

Do non-executive directors typically receive equity?

After the question “How do I find my first non-executive director role?” the topic of this post is the next on the list. It is one that has no defined answer but I’ll try to cover each area of the topic. If i join a business is it better to join with salary or equity? […]

How do I find my first non-executive director role and am I relevant?

Finding your first non-executive director role doesn’t have to be a daunting task! And once you’ve found the first role, being a non-executive director can be a rewarding and challenging career path, offering the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction and success of a company. However, it is important to carefully consider if this […]

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