The Art of ‘Unselling’: Why Less is Often More as a Non-Executive Director or Chair


Ah, the British. We love our queues, our biscuits, our incessant talk about the weather, and – let’s admit it – a jolly good bargain. But when it comes to selling ourselves, many Brits become more tongue-tied than a cat who’s got the cream (or perhaps a bit of yarn). You see, there’s a very delicate line between promoting oneself with pride and appearing, well, a bit too eager.

Picture this: You’re attempting to sell your charming three-bed semi in Sussex. You could stick a flashy “For Sale” sign out front, perhaps festooned with neon lights and a siren. Or, you could whisper it to Mrs. Miggins next door, who casually tells her golf buddies, who then tell their book club, and before you know it, you’ve got the entire village wanting a sneak peek. Now, which do you think will fetch a higher price, the circus show or the coveted secret?

This discreet approach is even more pivotal for professionals, particularly non-executive directors and chairpersons. Imagine you’re in a posh London establishment, sipping on a cuppa. Would you be more impressed by the person who subtly mentions their achievements and expresses genuine interest in yours? Or by the chap who, within seconds of shaking your hand, slides his CV across the table with his day rate scrawled in large, bold numbers?

Now, enter the VNXD Operator Network, the Mrs. Miggins of the professional world. Instead of brandishing your CV with a day rate that screams desperation, the network does the refined work for you. It’s like having your best mate share whispered tales of your accomplishments to all the right ears.

In the world of private equity and venture capital, it’s not just about having the skills – it’s about being in the know. The VNXD Operator Network understands this, placing non-executives and chairs right in the spotlight, yet in a way that’s akin to being highlighted by soft candlelight rather than a blazing spotlight.

To put it bluntly, the art of ‘unselling’ is all about the tease.

Give them a little, let their curiosity do the work, and watch as they come clamouring for more. It’s the old-fashioned British way of doing things – with class, a hint of mystery, and a dash of humour.

So the next time you find yourself wanting to share your skills and availability, remember: sometimes, less is definitely more. Let your abilities speak for themselves, with just a nudge in the right direction from networks like After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than having the crème de la crème come knocking on your door, without you having to do the hard sell.

Cheers to that!


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