The AI Obsession: Separating the Pink Elephants from the Real Gems!

There’s an undeniable allure to the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s the buzzword of the century, the promise of a brighter, more efficient future. Companies across the globe are diving headfirst into the AI frenzy, desperately trying to become the next “AI adopter” to remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape. But here’s the […]

Hoping for an IPO Miracle: VCs Dream the Impossible Dream

In the grand theatre of venture capitalism, nothing says “high hopes and shattered dreams” quite like an IPO. 2023, for instance, showcased this epic drama as VCs clutched onto the glimmers of hope that IPOs like Klaviyo and Instacart brought, only to watch them fizzle out like a wet firework on Bonfire Night. A Glimmer […]

The “Time-Tested” Due Diligence of Executive Hiring: Why NEDs are the Secret Sauce

Have you ever bought a product purely based on its glossy advert and then found out it didn’t quite meet expectations? Enter the world of executive hiring. We often rely on well-polished CVs, rehearsed interviews, and references that are essentially “pre-approved testimonials”. But what if there was a way to bypass this superficial layer and […]

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