The VNXD Operator Network: A Game Changer for Family Offices in the UK, UAE, and USA

Family offices have often been perceived through the same lens as private equity and venture capital funds. However, their operational and investment strategies diverge significantly. Unlike their PE and VC counterparts, family offices typically engage in fewer investments and exhibit a more conservative approach towards spending on professional fees, particularly in the pre-deal phase. This […]

Bringing In A Non-Executive Director: The Mandman’s Guide To Business Sabotage.

There’s an enigmatic piece, often whispered about in hallowed boardrooms – the non-executive director (NED). You might have heard these creatures bring invaluable insight, experience, and oversight to a company. But let’s be absolutely clear: hiring a NED is about as sensible as using a chocolate teapot. Here’s my guide on why roping in a […]

Are recruiters the answer to building a non-executive director career?

Finding a non-executive director (NED) role via traditional recruiters can often feel like a quest for the proverbial needle in a haystack. This is not merely an anecdotal observation but a reality rooted in the economics and practices of the recruitment industry. Recruiters, by their very nature, are driven by the potential return on their […]

The Secret Sauce of Deal Flow: The Non-Executive Directors’ Club

If you’re a PE or VC fund and you’re not rubbing elbows with non-executive directors, you might as well be searching for treasure without a map. OK, they’re not the only route to deal flow but they can be invaluable! In the grand ‘Circle of Life’ of deals – from Series A to Z – […]