Making the step up to become a chair

Making the step up! For many non-executives who have been around the block a few times, it may appeal to become a chair.  Whilst many enjoy the role, it is true that this is not always an obvious move and it simply will not work for many. There are many reasons that a non-executive director […]

What non-executives need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems

Imagine spending all that time on your CV to receive rejection after rejection.  Now compound that with the fact that non-executive director jobs and other fractional director roles are some of the most applied for roles and you face a daunting prospect and little no chance of finding a role through applying. But there are […]

How to start a portfolio career

It’s a conundrum. How to expand your portfolio career when you don’t currently have a portfolio of clients or even any portfolio work to show.  But there is a way. First of all, remember that just because you don’t have a traditional set of clients doesn’t mean you don’t have a portfolio of experience.  Giving […]

How to win your first non-executive director role

Think of finding your first non-executive director role as being a process – similar to starting out in your early career when networking was so important. Aspiring (as well as established) non-executives should use a number of options for professional networking; nowadays, the online option is usually the easiest with in-person still being a tried […]

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